1. get your website in order

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. It doesn’t need to be complex, but it needs to be clean, simple, mobile-friendly, and provide users with a clear call to action (e.g. Call Us)

2. improve your search presence

Most local tradie websites have a limited search presence because the competition is relatively low. A little work here will reap rewards for a long time to come and reduce your dependency on paid marketing channels.

3. optimise your google profile

Google My Business is one of the most powerful channels for local tradie businesses to generate leads. It’s free and is easy to optimise. Just make sure you have the right categories, service areas, and post regularly.

4. automate customer feedback

Reviews and customer feedback are one of the most important elements of Google’s local search results. By automating the customer feedback process, you’ll be able to capture more 5 star reviews and get valuable feedback at the same time!

5. build one review profile at a time

If your business has multiple review profiles, start with Google because that’s what people see first and it will help your search rankings. Once you have enough there, start capturing reviews on the most relevant websites for your trade in your area.

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