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Local SEO to attract Newcastle customers

As a local business in Newcastle, you need a ‘Newcastle SEO’ strategy, not an ‘Australian SEO’ strategy. Focusing your efforts on the Newcastle market will be key to your success.

There are a number of ways to ensure your online presence is optimised to rank well within the Newcastle area. By assessing your local competition and your current rankings throughout the area, we’re able to develop a holistic SEO approach that delivers consistent value to your business.

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“We love these guys. They are easy to work with, proactive and go out of their way to better understand our business needs. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”
Paul Mitchell Houseproud Cleaning Review of Stay Digital SEO in Newcastle
Paul Mitchell
Director - Houseproud Cleaning

Our holistic approach to Newcastle SEO

A lot of local businesses receive ‘SEO Services’ without understanding exactly what they’re getting for their money.

Google uses over 200 ranking signals from across the web to determine which businesses appear on the first page. So knowing which factors matter for your business, and which areas your SEO provider is focusing on are important.

We work with you to understand your business, assess your competition and develop a strategy that’s transparent and designed to deliver results for your situation.

Not sure where to start? Get a free Google My Business analysis and we’ll identify some key areas to get you started.

Website Optimisation

As a local service business, your website needs to reflect both your services and your service areas effectively. We’ll help you optimise both.

Local Citation Building

In order to rank well in Google, it’s important that your business information online is accurate and thorough across the internet.

Valuable Backlink Generation

Backlinks continue to be an important ranking factor for Google. That’s why we’ll identify and pursue valuable backlink opportunities for your business.

Local Content Generation

Do the things your competitors aren’t doing! By generating local content, we’ll send great signals to Google that help you rank better in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Online Review Automation

Stop hoping that customers will leave you a great review on Google. With Australia’s most effective customer review automation platform, you’ll be gathering new reviews in no time!

GMB Posting & Optimisation

Your Google My Business profile is one of your most valuable online assets. We’ll regularly post and optimise your profile to keep you ahead of the competition.

GMB Grid Rank Tracking

Advanced grid tracking to monitor your rankings in and around your business location.

Organic Rank Tracking

We’ll track how your business ranks across a number of important keywords in your local area.

In-Depth Reporting

We stand by our results by providing you with all of the information you need to determine if we’re worth our salt.


We’re in the city of Newcastle: 152/160 Hunter St Newcastle 2300

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We understand the Newcastle market really well and can quickly identify the where your competition is weak and where the most valuable places are to focus to ensure your SEO efforts deliver value.

We primarily help service businesses like cleaners, tradesman and accountants. But any business that provides services as opposed to selling products is where our expertise can help.

The cost of local SEO services in the Newcastle market range between $300 and $2000 per month depending on the level of competition in the area and the services you’ll need to compete.

For example, if you only have 5 competitors in Newcastle and their SEO optimisation is quite weak, it’ll be on the lower end of that scale.

The very first thing we recommend is to establish a good customer review process.

Customer reviews are an important factor when it comes to ranking well and winning customers in your local area. If you start early, you’ll be really well positioned to rank well when you do have a budget for a more holistic SEO approach.

We’ve developed a customer review automation platform called Get Service Reviews that automates this process for you from just $19 / month.

Depending on what they do for you, we may not be any different. But it’s important to really understand what they could be doing for you, and what they actually are doing for you.

It’s very easy to think that SEO is a single activity, like running Facebook Ads or Social Media posting, but it’s much more complex.

If you’re not sure what they do, just ask and make sure you’re holding them accountable for their performance.

As far as we go, we pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to really understand your business and execute a strategy that makes sense for your situation. And to ensure we’re holding ourselves accountable, we provide in-depth reporting and regularly touch base with our clients to ensure they’re also across their SEO performance.


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